Marisa Brown

Marisa is a transplant from the West Coast who recently graduated from Yale. She has a Bachelor's Degree in music and trained under the internationally recognized tenor, Mr. Warren Hoffer, as part of Arizona State University's classical music program. While living in California, she performed with the OCM Choral Organization, whose live performance album reached #1 on the Classical Music Billboards under the direction of Juilliard-trained conductor and composer Brett Stewart. Prior to her collegiate endeavors, she toured with the award-winning Ambassadors Show Choir competing at the national level at Disneyland and other regional dance/choral competitons. By day, Marisa holds 4 college degrees in the medical and mental health field including a doctorate in clinical psychology. However, by night she pursues her passion for music and performance by participating in the local band scene.


Brian Dring

Brian is a versatile and highly accomplished keyboardist, capable of playing styles from jazz to reggae-soca to R&B, rock and more. Brian plays with style, confidence and intelligence. He has performed with some of the best R&B bands in the area such as Soul Sound Review, NuCullers, N2Wishin and the Langley Project along with others like Shades, Full Effect and MOTO. Brian continues to bring a professionalism and talent unmatched in the Connecticut music scene. This is one player to watch!


Todd Grosberg

Todd Grosberg is an all-around musician with the panache of a seasoned bass player. With stylish and confident bass lines coupled with a powerful lead singer voice, Todd is a one-stop-shop of talent. He has toured internationally on the original music circuit and supported such prominent acts as 3 Doors Down, Everclear, Bret Michaels, The Spin Doctors and many more. He teaches and performs full-time lending his 18+ years of playing experience to the local music scene. As one of the most sought after bassists in the area, Todd continues to leave his unique stamp on audiences and musicians alike.


Mark "Sluggo" Slugoski

Mark is a native of Connecticut and started playing in bands at the age of 13. He is an experienced entertainer and has studied percussion extensively. Often recognized as a "precision drummer," he has performed within almost every genre of music including original bands such as Rydlyn and the ever popular Fugitives cover band, to name a few. He has been recruited to judge Connecticut's prestigious Drum Off competition eight consecutive years for both his knowledge of drumming and ear for good technique. He is known for his ability to adjust his playing to any style needed as well as his unwavering work ethic.


Ed Vick

Ed is one of the most well-known and respected guitarists in Connecticut. Ed stepped onto the cover band scene in the 80's, but eventually teamed up with Emissary, a progressive metal group, in which he cold cultivate his songwriting skills. Emissary garnished praise from local critics and opened for the likes of Dream Theater and Dokken. Afterwards, Ed became a highly sought after guitar instructor and continued to perform with great ensembles such as Mixx, Rose Copolla, and Slam and Essence. He has written, performed, and produced on several CDs, but also continues to share his talent and gift for performing on the dance band scene.


Contact #: (480) 225-4444

Booking Agent: Marisa Brown

Booking Agent: Marisa Brown

(480) 225-4444

Connecticut, USA

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